The Steal (Brampton Girls Softball Association)

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The steal is made in the first four steps and the slide at the end.

At first we start with our runner facing home plate, with the left foot touching the inside of the bag.

The first step involves a short rhythm step with the right foot or a cross-over step with the back foot turning towards second.

With either move, the next critical area involves the arm action. It must be fast and powerful enough to get the body lined up with second base.

As the steal motion is started, the right elbow is driven back bringing the body around and immediately upon facing second base, the arm and leg action begins. 

We want our runners to be at full speed within four steps.

Work on the initial step or pivot, the arm drive and the first four steps. 

Set a cone down the line from first base and time each runner to that point.  Have two players race to that cone to emphasize competition.

The final note concerns timing.

Too many coaches take it for granted that runners can easily determine when to start the steal motion.

Actually it takes a great deal of practice.

We have a line of runners at first, a pitcher throwing to the player and a coach standing at the best angle to watch both the runner and the Pitcher's release.

The coach lets the runner know if she's gotten a good jump or was too quick or too slow.

This can only be done once the runner is consistent with her stealing motion.