Quick Hands (Brampton Girls Softball Association)

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A softball throwing drill to improve the quickness in hands and feet of our infielders, as well as catchers catches and throws.


What's Needed

  • One softball for each pair of players
  • Gloves are optional



20-30 reps, then switch tosser to receiver


How the Drill Works

  • One player from each pair is in a good receiving/ready position on the outfield foul line.
  • The partner stands 6-8 feet away and rolls the ball straight to the awaiting hands of his partner.
  • Receiving player stays low, receives and covers the softball with throwing hand. Then turns and throws a "dart" throw right to the partner's chest. It's about accuracy, then quickness, not quickness at the expense of accuracy.


Softball Coaching Tips

  • Each pair of players needs a safe distance between the next pair. Judge distance based on skill and accuracy levels ... at least 6 feet or more!
  • Make sure players move their feet into a good throwing position to execute the return throw or they will lose accuracy.
  • Stress a flat back and hands out front and at ground level with head up... but try not to leave them there for long streches while you are coaching or preparing the drill (it's very tough on the legs).



  • Try this drill with gloves off
  • Try it with gloves off and tennis balls (especially for younger players)
  • Try our inexpensive Soft Hands Training Gloves. They are not only inexpensive, but are great for infielders working on softer, quicker hands. You'll get immediate feedback too!
  • Advance drill throwing short hops and even longer 1-hops to receiving player


Why this Drill Works

  • There are lots of reps so the coach can keep an eye on an entire team in pairs all the way down one foul line. I like that it addresses proper ready position, soft and quick hands, eye hand coordination, footwork and throwing accuracy ... all on one drill. It's a great start t go right into your infield sessions!