Team Bucket Race (Brampton Girls Softball Association)

PrintTeam Bucket Race
Three coaches are needed for this drill. 

Divided the team into three groups. 

The It is not necessary that the groups be equal as the drill takes care of evening things out. 

The players in each group line up in single file behind the first player, who takes an infield ready position. 

The coach has five balls and a bat and is a base length (60 feet) away from the first player. 

A bucket is placed 15 feet away from the first player, toward the coach.

The three coaches are approximately 25 feet apart. Each coach begins hitting ground balls to her/his group at the same time, with each player, after she fields the ball, sprinting to the bucket and dropping the ball into it.

When a ball is in the bucket, the coach can hit the next ball. When a player misses the ball, she must run after it and sprint back to the bucket (and drop the ball in) before the coach can hit again.

When all five balls are in the bucket, player putting the fifth ball into the bucket runs bucket to coach, dumps balls at coaches feet, and returns bucket to where it was.

The first team to complete five sets wins.

The team has a lot of fun with this drill and usually asks to play it.