Hole in the Diamond (Brampton Girls Softball Association)

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A fielding drill to teach fielders to keep hard-hit balls in front of them

What's Needed

  • A bucket of softballs or balls
  • A bat
  • Gloves


3 to 6 minutes per team of three

How the Drill Works

  • Divide the palyers into four teams of three, assuming there are 12 players available. Players should have their gloves with them.
  • One team spreads out between first and second base.
  • Another team spreads out between second and third base.
  • Both teams situate themselves halfway between the infield and outfield.
  • Two other teams stand in the outfield and back up the first two teams.
  • The coach hits a baseball to the team on one side of the diamond.
  • The infielders try to prevent the baseball from reaching the outfield grass.
  • The couch then hits a softball to the team on the other side of the diamond.
  • If the ball reaches the outfield grass, the other team receives one point.
  • Each infield team fields four to six balls, then rotates with the teams in the outfield.

Softball Coaching Tips

  • Fielding the ball does not necessarily mean making the catch. Make sure team members are keeping the ball in front of their body.
  • Have fielders try to catch each ball. However, if they can't, they can save runs by staying in front of the ball and slowing it's movement.
  • Players will want to dive to keep the ball from going into the outfield; the coach decides to make or break this rule.