2023 House League Registration (Brampton Girls Softball Association)

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  1. In consideration of the City of Brampton and the Youth Sports Association, Club or Incorporated Body specified on this form permitting me/my child to participate in the Association, Club or Incorporated body, I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless The Corporation of the City of Brampton, its Elected Officials and all its employees and servants and all others for whom it is legally responsible and the Youth Sport Association, Club or Incorporated Body and its members (and to defend such bodies if requested) from and against all liability, claims, demands, actions and proceeding, by whomsoever made or brought, in respect of any costs (including legal costs), expenses, loss, damage, injury or sickness, including death arising by reason of or in connection with my/my child's participation in the activities for which I/my child am/is registered for through this form and hereby release and forever discharge The Corporation of The City of Brampton, it's Elected Officials and all its employees and servants and the Youth Sports Association , Club or Incorporated Body and its members from and against all claims and demands whatsoever which I, my child, our or his/her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, can share or may have by reason of my/my child's participation in such activities, or by reason of the provision of medical care to me/him/her by any person for whom The City of Brampton, or the Youth Sport Association, Club or Incorporated Body is legally responsible

    Acknowledgement of Risk: I understand that there are inherent risks in training and participating in any sport, and acknowledge and accept those risks. I also agree that if I/I and my child shall abide by each and every rule and protocol for the participation in, and for proper conduct during, the sport for which I/my child is registering

Payment Information
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